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Figure 3

From: Muscle protein metabolism in neonatal alloxan-administered rats: effects of continuous and intermittent swimming training

Figure 3

Adipose tissue weight (mg/100 mg) of the retroperitoneal, posterior subcutaneous and mesenteric regions. Results are expressed as means ± standard deviation of 10 animals per group. SA: Sedentary alloxan. SC: Sedentary control. CC: Continuous training control. CA: Continuous training alloxan. IC: Intermittent training control and IA: Intermittent training alloxan. Letter indicate a statistically significant difference among groups (Two- way ANOVA (3 × 2) and Bonferroni post hoc test. p < 0.05) referring to non fasting serum glucose. i. statistically significant difference for CC vs IC.

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