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Table 1 Possible treatments directly targeting WAT and/or BAT in obesity and type 2 diabetes

From: Targeting adipose tissue

Drug Effect Mechanism of action Target organ Class
BMP7 (OP-1TM) BAT activation Developmental regulator BAT Cytokine
BMP8B BAT activation Developmental regulator BAT, CNS  
Sildenafil, vardenafil WAT (trans-) differentiation, (BAT activation) PDE5 inhibition WAT, (BAT) Enzyme inhibitor
Amrinone WAT lipolysis, (WAT transdifferentiation, BAT activation) PDE3 inhibition WAT, (BAT)  
GC-1, KB-141 BAT activation, (WAT transdifferentiation) Thyroid hormone mimetics BAT Hormone
T3 BAT activation, (WAT transdifferentiation) Thyroid hormone BAT, CNS  
BRL-26830, L-796568, N-5984 BAT activation, WAT transdifferentiation, lipolysis selective β3-AR agonist BAT, WAT Receptor agonist
Bile acids (endogenous ligands) BAT activation TGR5 receptor agonist BAT  
ANP, BNP (endogenous ligands) BAT activation, WAT transdifferentiation NPRA agonsit BAT, WAT  
Rimonabant WAT transdifferentiation CB1 antagonist WAT, CNS Receptor antagonist
TZDs, NS-1, balaglitazone, MRL-24, (Sulfonylureas) WAT (trans-) differentiation, BAT activation (partial) activation of PPARγ WAT, BAT Transcription factor ligand