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Figure 3

From: Relapsing insulin-induced lipoatrophy, cured by prolonged low-dose oral prednisone: a case report

Figure 3

MRI demonstrating re-grown subcutaneous fat tissue at sites of previous lipoatrophy. Axial T1-weighted MRI sequence (1.5 Tesla Magnet, body surface coil, slice thickness 3 mm) acquired through the abdomen, March 2010. Markers are placed over the healed lipoatrophic area (left side), and over the biopsy scar (right side), respectively. Signal intensity and subcutaneous tissue structure indicate re-grown subcutaneous fat tissue at the healed area (left side; high signal intensity, identical to that of periumbilical subcutaneous fat tissue), and fibrous tissue at the biopsy area, respectively (right side; signal intensity is only half of that of subcutaneous fat tissue).

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