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Table 3 Independent Factors that Contributed to the Number of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors -- Results of Poisson Regression Analysis

From: Relationship between Dietary and Other Lifestyle Habits and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Men

Variable Regression coefficient P
Age (year) 0.020 <0.01
IPAQ -0.091 <0.01
Current smoking 0.089 0.05
Alcohol intake (ml/day) 0.001 0.03
Protein (%kcal) 0.059 0.01
Fat (%kcal) -0.008 0.62
Carbohydrate (%kcal) 0.007 0.67
Total energy intake (kcal) 0.0001 <0.01
  1. Results of analysis by Poisson regression models on associations between the number of CMRF and lifestyle are shown. Covariates included are shown in this Table plus type of work with regard to occupational physical activity (mostly sitting, mostly standing, work including heavy physical activity for about one hour, work including heavy physical activity for about 2 hours, or other types; mostly sitting served as a reference). IPAQ = International Physical Activity Questionnaire classification