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Figure 1

From: Targeting AMP-activated protein kinase in adipocytes to modulate obesity-related adipokine production associated with insulin resistance and breast cancer cell proliferation

Figure 1

Effect of adipocyte conditioned medium (CM) on breast cancer cell proliferation. MCF-7 breast cancer cells were incubated for 72 h with low glucose DMEM medium (basal), low glucose DMEM conditioned medium from preadipocytes (CM Preadipocytes) or low glucose DMEM conditioned medium from preadipocyte-derived adipoytes (CM Adipocytes). Then, proliferation of MCF-7 cells was measured by colorimetric method using crystal violet dye. Results are expressed as fold of basal (**, p < 0.01 vs. CM Preadipocytes; ***, p < 0.001 vs. basal; n.s., not significant).

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