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Figure 4

From: Insulin effect on glucose transport in thymocytes and splenocytes from rats with metabolic syndrome

Figure 4

Splenocyte glucose transporter participation in glucose internalization with and without insulin on the MS model. A) Changes on the effect of the three different glucose transporter antibodies, on control and MS glucose transport are shown. Anti-Glut 3 antibodies responded in the MS splenocytes only. B) Given the different response to the anti Glut 1 antibodies there was also the need to use a different antibody concentration (1:500). Anti Glut 4 concentration used in the MS was the same (1:500) as in the previous experiments in control of six months old animals. p < 0.05 insulin effect when compared to control values incubated with Tyrode; p < 0.05 compared with its own control; × p < 0.05 MS effect compared with its 6 months control.

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