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Table 1 Drugs-related cutaneous reaction (Drugs widely prescribed for diabetic patients)

From: Allergic reaction related to ramipril use: a case report

ACE Urticariform reactions (8;23); angioedema (8;23); bullous eruptions*(8;23); phototoxic reaction* (8;23); morbiliform eruption [24]
ARB Urticariform reactions; angioedema [22]
Acetylsalicylic Acid Urticaria [23]; angioedema [23]; Erythema polymorphous [24]
Thiazide Photosensitivity [23]; morbiliform eruption [24]
Insulin Papular Erythema [25]; urticaria [25]
Beta Blocker Drug induced lupus [24]; lichenoid eruption**[24]
  1. *Only Captopril
  2. **Only Propranolol