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Table 1 Description of the metabolic syndrome criteria and their respective cutoff points.

From: Metabolic syndrome in overweight children from the city of Botucatu - São Paulo State - Brazil: agreement among six diagnostic criteria

Metabolic syndromecriteria
Age group of children in the studies 7-11 years 10-19 years 6-11 years 8-12 years 8-16 years 12-19 years
Metabolic syndrome components Ferreira et al 15 Silva et al 16 Boney et at 30 Braunschweig et al 7 Monzavi et al 31 Cook et al 8
Anthropometric indicators* BMI≥95th percentile BMI≥97th percentile IMC≥85th percentile WC≥90th percentile BMI≥95th percentile WC≥90th percentil
Insulin resistance indicators** Glycemia>100 HOMA>2.5 Glycemia >110 Glycemia≥110 Glycemia≥100 Glycemia≥100
HDL-C (mg/dL) ≤38 ≤35 <5th percentile ≤40 ≤10th percentile ≤40
Triglycerides (mg/dL) ≥110 ≥130 >95th percentile ≥110 ≥90th percentile ≥110
SBP/DBP (mmHg) >95th percentile ≥95th percentile >95th percentile ≥90th percentile ≥90th percentile ≥90th percentile
  1. *BMI = body mass index or WC = waist circumference **impaired fasting glucose/HOMA-IR