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Table 1 Percentuals of answers to the proposed questions

From: Algorithm for the treatment of type 2 diabetes: a position statement of Brazilian Diabetes Society

1. Have you read the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes algorithm proposed by ADA/EASD? 90 10 -
2. Were you aware that the document expresses the opinion of a few authors and not of the entities involved? 77 23 -
3. Do you intend to adopt the stages and steps suggested by this algorithm in your practice? 51 49 -
4. Do you think that rosiglitazone-associated adverse events have been ratified in the medical literature of excellence? 36 64 -
5. Do you think that the cardiovascular protection assigned topioglitazone in that Position Statement is real? 34 66 -
6. Do you think that glitazone-associated adverse events (bone fracture and cardiovascular events) are effects pertaining to this therapeutical class? 49 21 30
7. Do you think that only GLP-1 analogs should be included in diabetes treatment excluding DPP-4 inhibitors? 13 69 18
8. Do you think that BDS' members have the expertise and the ability of criticism to issue a Position Statement about this Algorithm? 87 4 9
  1. Gomes MB. Enquete sobre Algoritmo ADA/EASD - December 2008 - 217 Sócios da SBD. Available at: Accessed on: July 13, 2009.