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Table 2 Recommendations for fetal evaluation in pregnancy complicated by diabetes.

From: Dysglycemias in pregnancy: from diagnosis to treatment. Brazilian consensus statement

1st Trim. US to evaluate gestational age/nuchal transparency thickness and screen fetal malformations
2nd Trim. Morphologic US to screen malformations - 20-24th gestation week
Uterine and umbilical arteries doppler - 20th gestation week
Fetal Echocardiogram - 24-26th gestation week (in preexisting diabetes)
US monthly 24th gestation week onwards to evaluate fetal growth and polyhydramnio
3rd Trim. Monthly US until delivery. In case of fetal growth restriction or LGA, it should be performed every two weeks
Basal CTG between 24-28th gestational week in cases of preexisting diabetes
Umbilical arteries doppler in the presence of hypertension, preeclampsia or vasculopathy. Monthly US from 24th gestational week to evaluate fetal growth and the presence of polyhydramnios
Daily Fetal movements count - 3×/day after 28th gestation weeks with patient on left side decubitus
  1. * US = Ultrasound ** LGA = Large for gestational age *** CTG = Cardiotocography