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Table 2 IDF definition of Metabolic Syndrome

From: Metabolic Syndrome: a challenging health Issue in highly urbanized Union Territory of north India

Central obesity (defined as waist circumference ≥ 90cm for Asian men ≥ 80cm for Asian women, with ethnicity specific values for other groups) plus any two of the following four factors:
1. Raised TG level: ≥ 150 mg/dL (1.7 mmol/L), or specific treatment for this lipid abnormality
2. Reduced HDL cholesterol: < 40 mg/dL (1.03 mmol/L) in males and < 50 mg/dL (1.29 mmol/L) in females, or specific treatment for this lipid abnormality
3. Raised blood pressure: systolic BP ≥ 130 or diastolic BP ≥ 85 mm Hg or Treatment of previously diagnosed hypertension
4. Raised fasting plasma glucose (FPG) ≥ 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L), or previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes