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Table 3 Fetal weight classification of offspring born to control, severe diabetic and mild diabetic rats

From: Animal models for clinical and gestational diabetes: maternal and fetal outcomes

Variable/groups Control Severe diabetes Mild diabetes
SPA 46/192 (24%) 112/129 (87%)a, b 39/65 (60%)a
APA 99/192 (52%) 14/129 (11%)a, b 22/65 (34%)a
LPA 47/192 (24%) 3/129 (2%)a 4/65 (6%)a
  1. Fetal weight classification is defined as small for pregnancy age (SPA), appropriate for pregnancy age (APA) or large for pregnancy age (LPA). The offspring were born to rats injected with citrate buffer solution (control), streptozotocin as adults (severe diabetes) or streptozotocin during the neonatal period (mild diabetes). Values are number/total (percent). aP < 0.05 - statistically significant difference compared to control group (Chi-square test); bP < 0.05 - statistically significant difference compared to mild diabetes group (Chi-square test).